Chief Executive

The North East region and its communities had a long history of providing refuge and safe environment to those fleeing their countries because of wars or sever natural disasters. Many refugees survived traumatic and perilous journeys, and were received and supported by our local community groups at the most vulnerable conditions and in need of massive support and protection. Some of our settled refugees arrived from Europe during the first and second world wars. others came from Bosnia or long time ago from the Vietnamese boats survivors. Many countries in the middle east suffered internal wars and large numbers of refugees arrived to our shores seeking refuge and safety.

They survived initial difficulties of being introduced to new social context and complex systems of administrations and managements. This positive welcoming environment enabled our new settled communities to contribute to our regional industrial inventions and engineering infrastructures. latest arrivals of refugees and migrant communities are settled and making up our diverse and vibrant society. they are linking our region to new overseas connections.

NERS is a community lead initiative and focused on supporting our new arrivals as well as community groups that supported them.

We are mainly relying on our volunteers and members of our local neighbourhoods with passion and skills. they are our invaluable assets and the long term support links to our new arrivals and their families.


NERS History

The North of England Refugee Service was established in 1989. We are an independent and charitable organisation which exists to meet the needs and promote the interests of asylum seekers and refugees who have arrived or have settled in the North of England.

NERS acts as an agent of positive change in order to improve the everyday life conditions of asylum seekers and refugees, and to promote social inclusion by facilitating their integration and equal participation within British society.

Since April 2000 NERS has been operating the One Stop Service contract in the North east. This service is available to all asylum seekers who are entitled to support from the Home Office “National Asylum Support Service” (NASS) which was established under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

As well as working directly with asylum seekers, NERS is also involved in a host of other refugee related work. This site allows you to see our work in full as well as view opinions on issues related to our work.