Complaints about NERS

The North of England Refugee Service aims to provide services of a high quality to all asylum seekers and refugees. However, for all sorts of reasons, there may be times when, despite our best efforts, things happen which make you want to complain.So we have set up a system which we hope will make it easy for you to comment on our work and for us to put things right. If you are not happy with the service we have provided, this leaflet describes the procedure for making a formal complaint, and lets you know how we will respond to it. For example, you may wish to complain: ⇒ about how long you had to wait ⇒ about our office arrangements ⇒ if you feel you have been treated less fairly because of your ethnic origins, race, nationality or for another reason ⇒ if you have been treated impolitely ⇒ if you are not satisfied with the service you have been given by us We want to know so that we can do something about it, and get it right the next time. Please note: Please be aware that we can only deal with complaints up to 3 months after the event to which you are referring. 

Clients who wish to complain about the service they recieved at the Refugee Service can do so by several Methods:

Email the Human Resources Officer of the Refugee Service Wendy Elliot at

Collecting the complaints form from Refugee Service Recception and handing it in or posting it it in.

Downloading the complaints form from below:

Complaints form in English

Complaints form in Arabic   كيف تتقدم بشكوى

The complaints procedure document