I'm Seeking Asylum


The North of England Refugee Service provides free advice and information to asylum seekers in their own language, including help with the asylum process and support and entitlement (One Stop Service). Most of the information you will need is available on our multilingual content pages. If you still need help you can phone us or visit one of our offices for assistance or direction or to another organisation who will be able to help you. Tees Valley Office (Middlesbrough) Telephone: 01642 217 447; Newcastle Office Telephone: 0191 245 7301, Sunderland Office Telephone:0191 510 8701. For More on the One Stop Service please click HERE.


Important notices:

1. The North of England Refugee Service can advise on rights and entitlements and the meaning of laws.We cannot provide legal advice or legal representation, if we cannot help, we will provide a list of qualified legal representatives.

2. Although we can give immigration advice, we cannot change decisions made by the Home Office or UK Border Agency (UKBA) about someone's case.

3. The North of England Refugee Service has received exemption from the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide immigration advice and holds the Quality Mark for our asylum advice work.