Famous Refugees

14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) Left Tibet to live in exile in India during the Tibetan uprising of 1959

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (born Yasmin Damji) Ugandan-born British journalist and author left Uganda in 1972 due to the worsening tensions between the Ugandan Asian minority and the regime of Idi Amin.

Sir Montague Burton: Founder of Burtons retailers; found refugee in Britain from the Russian Empire in 1900.

Jackie Chan (born Chan Kong-sang, 陳港生) Fled to America after being threatend by the Triads in Hong Kong.

Marlene Dietrich: Actress and anti-nazi became an American Citizen in 1939

Albert Einstein: physicist; Moved to America after the National Socialist Government formed in Germany in 1933.

Anne Frank; Jewish refugee to Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1933 from Germany, where she was found and died in a concentration camp.

Sigmund Freud: Founding father of psychoanalysis; found Refugee in London England After the Anchluss of Austria in 1938 by National Socialist Germany.

Lew Grade, Baron Grade: TV Magnate, Family fled to Bethnal Green London from the Russian Empire in 1912. Most famous for his roles in forming ITC, commissioning Gerry Anderson Productions including Thunderbirds, and Jim Henson production including the Muppet Show

Professor Sir Ludwig "Poppa" Guttmann, CBE, FRS. Neurolgist and Pioneer in disability treatment, founded the Paralympics; found Refugee in Britain from Germany in 1939 where he established the spinal injuries unit of Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Thomas Mann: Author; Fled to Switzerland in 1933 then to moved to America in 1939 due to the National Socialist Government in Germany.

Michael Marks: Co-founder Founder of Marks and Spencers; found refugee in Britain from the Russian Empire in 1882.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum: Nobel Prize Winning Author:UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador: Exiled and fled to Mexico during the Guatemalan civil war in 1981.

Felix Salten: Author of Bambi, Hungarian Born, was moved to the Austrian Part of the Austro-Hungarian empire as a baby as full citizenship was being given to Jews in that part of the empire. Moved to Switzerland in 1940 after the Anchluss with Austria by National Socialist Germany.

Billy Wilder: Filmmaker. Producer, Screenwriter; settled in America in 1933 after the formation of the National Socialist Government in Germany.

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