Chief Executive and history

Chief Executive Officer:

Since its establishment, 25 years ago, the focus of NERS has always been on delivering high quality services to the communities of asylum seeker in the North East region. Last year was the most challenging period of the organisation’s history. For the first time we received no direct funding from Central Government. However, we have been proactive and innovative by developing a new model for a sustainable organisation capable of meeting an ever increasing demand for its services. Through the dedication and commitment of Board members, volunteers and staff, NERS was transformed without compromising quality or rationing our services. The termination of the One Stop Service has not reduced the need for asylum support for those who are still going through the asylum process. In response we have established a new Regional Asylum Support Service, which provided support for 2,000 clients over about 6,000 one-to-one advice sessions. The demand for integration support is also continuing to increase. Our Intergration Project provided support for three times its projected target. The performance of our new housing team has been acknowledged by other partners. Our interpreting service is well established and continuing to grow. We train and employ refugees and other migrants as sessional interpreters to provide services to local organisations such as local authorities, the NHS and solicitors. We employ over 100 sessional interpreters from refugee and BME communies. Last year saw us firmly establishing ourselves as an independent voice for refugees and a leading organisaon addressing their issues in the region. We are among expert organisaons working with government around policy affecting asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. 


Dr Mohamed Nasreldin is the Director of NERS: email .


NERS History:

The North of England Refugee Service was established in 1989. We are an independent and charitable organisation which exists to meet the needs and promote the interests of asylum seekers and refugees who have arrived or have settled in the North of England.

NERS acts as an agent of positive change in order to improve the everyday life conditions of asylum seekers and refugees, and to promote social inclusion by facilitating their integration and equal participation within British society.

Between April 2000 and March 2014 NERS operated the One Stop Service contract in the North east. This service was available to all asylum seekers who are entitled to support from the Home Office “National Asylum Support Service” (NASS) which was established under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

In April 2014 NERS began operating Intergrated Advice Service. This continued the support the North of England Refugee Service has been giving to both those claiming Asylum and those whose claims have been accepted with their further needs.

As well as working directly with asylum seekers, NERS is also involved in a host of other refugee related work. This site allows you to see our work in full as well as view opinions on issues related to our work.