Refugee Advice


The English language page contains information from the North of England Refugee Service in the English language.

These fact sheets and information leaflets are for refugees and asylum seekers who speak English and who want to find out more about the asylum process.

All resources are in pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat to view these which can be downloaded simply.

Go to North of England Refugee Service to find out about our One-Stop Services where you can get further advice and help. We can also provide interpreters to help identify your needs.

Your question can be answered by looking at the written information on this page.

This information is for people seeking asylum, some additional information has been added and may also be helpful for people who have been given permission to stay.


Applying for Asylum This leaflet is an overview of the process of applying for asylum. It explains the asylum procedure and what happens while asylum seekers wait for a decision. This leaflet does not give full explanation of the law but is a guide only.

Applying for asylum support Asylum seekers may need help with accommodation and living costs while they are waiting for a decision on their claim. This leaflet explains how people can get help with these.

How to make a complaint This leaflet explains how you can make a complaint if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received at one of North of England Refugee Service offices.

Domestic abuse – do you need help? This short leaflet explains what is considered to be domestic abuse and how you can get help if you are experiencing it.

Maternity payments for parents seeking asylum This leaflet explains what maternity payments are available to parents who are seeking asylum and what they need to do to receive them.

Moving in with family or a friend This leaflet explains how you can apply to receive cash only support when you want to move from accommodation provided by UKBA to live with family or a friend. It also outlines what you need to consider before doing so.

Access to Housing; This Webpage show some of the housing assistance available in the North East

Are you a victim of racial harassment? Some people may be attacked or insulted because of their racial or ethnic origin. This leaflet provides information about what steps people should take if these accidents happen to them.

Schools for children - information factsheet for refugee parents This factsheet provides useful information for refugee parents about school rules, including attendance, school uniform and homework.

Are you destitute and at the end of the asylum process? This leaflet explains how destitute asylum seekers who are at the end of the asylum process may receive help with accommodation and living costs under Section 4.

Destitution Aid and Support; This webpage shows where you can go for additional help in the North East if you are facing destitution.

Information pack for refugees; This information pack aims to help those who have sought asylum in the UK and who have been granted permission to stay.

Support Groups; This page leaflet explains how to contact peer support groupsand / or how you can benefit if you become a volunteer of a support group.

Do you need help to access healthcare? This leaflet explains what services the National Health Service (NHS) provides and what services are available to asylum seekers free of charge at different stages of the asylum process.

Integration Project; This Webpage is the services provided for those granted leave to remain in the United Kingdom and assistance in integrating and finding empoyment offered.

Reporting a crime of offence; This leaflet is about how to report a crime or offence you have witnesses

Rights if Arrested: These Webpages are about your rights if you are arrested.