Give as You Earn

Donating through your salary is one of the easiest and most tax efficient ways to give to charity. Your donation will come from your salary before tax, which means that your gift to us will go further!

It's a simple way to donate to our work and can be started, changed or stopped at any time.

Get started

Donating through your salary is really easy to set up. The first thing to do is find out whether your employer is already registered with a payroll giving scheme. 

Yes, my employer has a payroll giving scheme in place

  • Ask your payroll office to give you the relevant form to fill in
  • Once you have agreed to donate through your salary, your employer will arrange for your donation to be made from your salary to the North of England Refugee Service
  • We will be notified of your donation and will send you a confirmation letter

No, my employer isn't registered with a payroll giving scheme

  • They will need to register with a Payroll Giving Agency. This is an extremely simple process. The steps below, 'If you are an employer' explain this in more detail.

To find out more about donating through your payroll, please contact us on 0191 245 7303 or send us an email.

If you are an employer

Free to set up and easy to run, payroll giving has become increasingly popular in the workplace.

Payroll giving is a good way for businesses to show commitment to worthwhile causes their employees care about. It can help to raise your image and demonstrates a good level of social responsibility. You can also opt in to match your employees' donations tax-free, encouraging a sense of common purpose in the workplace. 

When you set the scheme up, your business is entitled to the Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award as a recognition of your commitment to charitable giving and of your staff loyalty.

Take the first step and set up your payroll scheme by selecting your Payroll Giving Agency. Then contact a Professional Fundraising Organisation to promote payroll giving to all your staff.

If you have any questions about setting up a payroll giving scheme in your business, please call us on 0191 245 7303 or send us an email.